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Beyond our pillars

We cherish our three pillars: Spirit, Service, & Sisterhood. But Texas Lonestars prides itself on being multifaceted and diverse. Some of our other organizational branches include:


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Alumni Relations

Our social branch is dedicated to creating events that are both affordable and fun. Some of our most memorable social events include:



Skate Date

Sip & Paint

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is one of our most crucial branches, and our DEI co-chairs dedicate their time to ensuring all members are celebrated, heard, and included.

In order to ensure we properly serve our diverse organization, DEI is responsible for several items:

Town Hall


DEI Newsletters


Holiday and History Month Events

Through our alumni relations, lonestars has a remarkable alumni network, with graduates entering a plethora or various job fields. Our annual alumni event and network in general keeps undergraduates connected with previous Lonestars.

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