Happy first week back y'all!! Y'all are going to kill it this week

I hope everyone had a fun & safe winter break :)


Updates from me:

  • Meeting

    • Our first meeting of the semester is TOMORROW 6PM - 7PM! This is contrary to what I said in the GroupMe a few days ago and because it seems a little last minute, attendance will not be mandatory this week.

      • This meeting will be completely virtual so here are the details:

    • Our next meeting of the semester won't be until February 22nd, and by then we will have our newest class of Starlettes!!

      • By then, we expect to have our meetings back in person & attendance will be mandatory! All of our meetings this semester are going to be on Tuesdays from 6pm-7pm in CAL 100. 

      • We will continue to offer the limited Zoom option for meetings this semester. If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances (like if you're sick, need a mental health day, have work, etc), reach out to me or Gabby and we will send you the Zoom link to attend meeting online! 

  • Spring 2022 COVID Protocols

    • Our protocols for COVID are going to be similar to what they were at the end of the fall semester. Exec members will explain the COVID protocols that the org will be following for the events that they are planning so that everyone can be on the same page and we can avoid any confusion.

    • Whenever possible, we will ask everyone to mask at our events. 

      • Examples of events where we will encourage masks include in-person general member meetings, info sessions, meet-and-greets, etc. 

    • When it looks like we will not be able to mask for an event, we will ask everyone attending the event to submit proof of a negative COVID test. 

      • Examples of events where we will ask people to get tested because the likelihood of masking is low include bar tabs, most social mixers, etc.  

    • For smaller events where there is likely to be a very small number of people attending, we will leave it up to your individual discretion to attend, where a mask or get tested.

      • Examples of events that will utilize discretion include study rooms, events like Zilker park day, coffee on the lawn, etc.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!! 


Jillian <3




Hope everyone had a fun break! 

I will be sending out probation contracts sometime this week. 

Text me if you have any questions 215-584-0403  Izzy


SERVICE - Natasha


  • Project Princess is offering 1LS hour for carpool to storage unit clean out on 1/29

  • Sign up for tabling! .5 hours for every shift you sign up for




Welcome back, Lonestars!! I’m so excited to see what this semester has in store for us :,) I hope y’all had a safe and restful break!

  • If you’d like to submit something interesting that happened over break to be featured in a quick “Guess Who?” for tomorrow’s meeting, fill this form out!!

  • If you want to be inactive this semester or drop Lonestars, please fill out this form

  • Fall ’21 Starlettes, it’s time to submit GM contracts now that you’re initiated Lonestars!! Please download, sign, and email these to me as soon as possible!

  • Anyone graduating this semester or in December ’22 that is not already on Senior Clause, please download, sign, and email it to me!

  • Here’s the updated Constitution!




Recruitment season is here!

  • If you haven’t already, please sign up for tabling. You get 0.5 service hours for every slot!

  • Please join the Facebook group if you haven’t already.

  • Recruitment Schedule

    • We have released the times and dates for info sessions and recruitment events, so please come to those as well.

      • all info sessions will be in Cal 100 and will start at 6pm with a meet and greet to follow

    • January 25: Info session + meet and greet

    • January 27: Info session +meet and greet

    • January 28: Social/Recruitment event

    • January 30: Service/Recruitment event

    • February 1: Info session + meet and greet

    • February 2: Project Princess/Recruitment event

    • February 3: Info session + meet and greet

    • February 4: Apps are due!

We are so excited for this recruitment season!

Lonestar Love Always,

Mia and Zoe





Welcome back everybody! I hope everyone had a safe restful break. We are officially on the road to Boutique Day

Upcoming events:

  • 1/29 Storage Unit Cleanout 10-2pm! (great opportunity to bring donations too!)

  • 3/1 PP meeting takeover (stay tuneddddd) 


  • 3/5 BD set up, specific hour opp to come!

  • 3/6 (tentative) Boutique Day!!! 8am-4pm Mark your calendars!!!!

LL, Molly & Earn




Welcome back loves, hope you had a restful break!! 

Nothing from us this week but stay tuned for DEI committee apps and website updates soon!! Stay safe and let’s us know if you need anything! 

Lots of LL 


SOCIAL - Catie and Kennedy


Hello! We are so excited to be back! 

The first 2 weeks are going to be slow with social due to recruitment season, but we will have a collab with recruitment to meet all the recruits next week! 

It will be at Peter Pan mini golf on 1/28 at 8pm with drinks provided! 


Also, we are super happy to announce that we will be having a social committee this semester to help us plan the best events ever. Here is the application and it will be due on 1/31! 

Be on the lookout for more info on both:)




I hope everyone had an amazing break and managed to stay safe from covid! I’m so excited for this new semester! Here are a few updates for how monies are going to go this semester (it’s kind of long, sorry):

  • I’m going to set up one monies deadline per month, starting in February. The first one is going to be a week after the new Starlettes get in (February 21st). This deadline will be for your dues and any merch or events that come up before then! I’ll set up the next deadlines soon and have them out for y’all. 

    • Reminder - your dues are $200 if you are in Spring 2021 and older, and $250 for Fall 2021

  • I’m also giving out three scholarships!!!

    • I’m giving two to people who pay $200 in dues (so Spring 2021 and older) and one to someone who pays $250 (so Fall 2021 and the new Starlette class). 

    • I’m doing a Scholarship Committee to help write the application and choose the recipients. It’s super chill and easy, we’ll meet two or three times to write the application and to choose the recipients (Probably Feb 19th or 20th). 

      • If you are interested in joining the Scholarship Committee, here is the application (I swear it’s going to be fun)

      • Don’t forget though - scholarship applications are anonymous to remain unbiased so please do not join the committee if you are planning to apply for the scholarship, because you ~cannot~ apply if you’re on the committee.

  • Lastly, as always, text me if you want to set up a payment plan for dues! I’m more than happy to work with you to make it as easy as possible! My number is (210) 815-8312






welcome back ladies!! hope everyone had a good break! nothing new from me but i’ll be updating the alum database soon so if anyone wants specific connections lmk!




We have some super cool recruitment merch coming! Shoutout to the recruitment committee for all their hard work:)

 PSA!! After machine washing tote bags, they shrink! If you would like the wash the bags, I best recommend that they are hand washed in cold water and air dried. Thanks everyone 




Nothing from me! Good luck this semester Lonestar love y’all sm!




no updates! stay tuned for the Remind 101 & Google calendar info at tomorrow's meeting!